A solution to tourist’s luggage storage problem in NYC

There were approximately 56.5 million tourists in NYC in 2014 which is increasing at a rate of 6% annually meaning an average of 63 million tourists will visit Big Apple in 2016. These folks could be travelers from around the world, domestic travelers, job seekers, event goers or anyone who wants to keep their bags safely and securely.

Vertoe, a NY-based startup aims to cater to tourists who are looking for a place to keep their bags safely and securely while they move around in the city stress-free.

Vertoe's mission is to optimize existing spaces by partnering with shops in New York City that have managed to earn the trust of tourists for many years and ensure that the customer feels safe and secure while leaving behind their belongings.

They have already managed to secure prominent presence in Downtown & Midtown area of Manhattan: Tribeca, Penn Station, Grand Central, Times Square, Central Park and Columbus Circle and in Brooklyn and Queens (near JFK).

Visit them at or see ‘How It Works’ here.

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